I'm Lisa Mae, your friendly festival enthusiast with a heart full of beats and a passion for adventure. Raised in Chicago and now calling Denver home, I've embarked on a musical journey that's taken me to the far corners of the world. My love affair with live music started early, thanks to my awesome parents who instilled the joy of concerts in me from a young age. It all kicked off back in 2007 at Lollapalooza, where I had the incredible luck of witnessing Daft Punk's electrifying performance. That moment was a game-changer and ignited my lifelong fascination with electronic dance music (EDM). Since then, I've crisscrossed the festival circuit, from the enchanted woods of Electric Forest to the vibrant vibes of North Coast, the community spirit of Summer Camp, the mind-bending experiences at Sonic Bloom, and the mystical wonderland of Shambhala. My festival bucket list is ever-growing.
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