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Lost Lands Music Festival

Est. 2017
Calendar icon 2023 Dates Passed

Lost Lands Music Festival, held annually in Thornville, Ohio, is a bass music extravaganza. This colossal event is a mecca for fans of dubstep and heavy electronic dance music. With a lineup featuring some of the biggest names in the genre, the festival’s multiple stages are transformed into thunderous, bass-fueled spectacles, complete with mind-bending visuals and pyrotechnics. Beyond the music, festival-goers can explore immersive art installations, participate in workshops, and enjoy a range of food and beverage options. What sets Lost Lands apart is its prehistoric theme, with larger-than-life dinosaur sculptures and an otherworldly atmosphere, creating a truly unique experience. For those seeking a sensory overload of deep, bone-rattling beats and an unforgettable journey into the world of bass music, Lost Lands Music Festival is the ultimate destination.

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